March Dance Challenge 31 – Swan Lake


Well here we are then, the end of the month, so the end of my dance challenge! I must admit I have really enjoyed collecting all my favourite pieces of dance, each one of them having a personal meaning to me. I hope for those of you that are interested in dance have enjoyed my choices.

Now what next? What shall I do for April? because now I’m in the habit of posting everyday, I may as well carry on. I have noticed you get more response from photos, than videos, I suppose because it is a bit of an effort watching a whole video, unless you have a great interest in it. So I could go back to posting a photo, or I did think about posting a favourite piece of music of mine everyday, I’m not sure, what do you think?

Anyway, I started the month with my favourite ballet, and I shall end the month with my favourite ballet, this is the entrance of the swans, the corps de ballet. I love the togetherness, the symmetry of the lines and circles, all moving as one, beautiful! I gave this a go once as part as the corps de ballet in London, it’s harder than you think keeping absolutely perfectly together, took a lot of practise!

I look forward to your April challenge ideas! X


March Dance Challenge 29 – Me Ole Bamboo


Another musical number, this time from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Me Ole Bamboo.

All I can say is it energetic, exciting, technically tricky, just a good old fashioned musical number! X

March Dance Challenge 28 – Hung Up


This video I think is perfect for a Friday night!

I love this song and the dance Madonna does is a perfect seventies style. It reminds me of prancing around a studio, dancing like no one is watching you!

Enjoy, get your leotard, leg warmers on and strut your stuff x

March Dance Challenge 27 – DV8


This is an extraordinary piece of dance! It is by a company called DV8, and the lead dancer has no legs. He has a beautiful, flowing quality to his movement and the choreography is great!

You must watch this, it’s amazing! X

March Dance Challenge 26 – Charleston


Here we have a Charleston from Strictly Come Dancing.

This one I particular like because these two dancers are brilliant, and you would find it hard to guess which one is not the professional. It is great characterisation, energy and technic! I love dancing Charleston.

See you tomorrow! X

March Dance Challenge 25 – Cheek To Cheek


The ease, grace, poise, and just pure brilliance of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing Cheek to Cheek, need I say more! (And coping with all those feathers)

Just take a moment and enjoy! X

March Dance Challenge 24 – 42nd Street


This clip is from a great old musical, 42nd Street! We’re in the money!

The reason I have chose this is because it always reminds me of me doing it. I performed this musical a few times, when I was young, on big silver dollars and everything, in a professional production, and as a teacher with my adult tap class, again we danced on big round wooden sheets.

It’s all tap springs, tap step ball changes, and time steps!

So get your tap shoes out! 5 6 7 8

March Dance Challenge 23 – Swan Lake Pas De Quatre


Back to my favourite ballet, and a best dance line up could not be complete without the Pas De Quatre from Swan Lake, danced by the Bolshol ballet.

The ease and togetherness of the dancers make it look easy when actually this is a really tricky dance to dance, especially as you are attached to someone, so if they go slightly out then that pushes you off balance!

So enjoy x

March Dance Challenge 22 – Russian Dancing


Today we travel to Russia!

When I was young and competing in dance festivals, I loved national dancing. This is where you dance in the style and costume of different countries. And I loved Russian dancing the best, probably because I was quite good at it and the costumes where pretty too!

This video is a great example of Russian dance, the strength and togetherness of the dancers is perfection and uplifting music!

Enjoy! X

March Dance Challenge 21 – Put A Ring On It


Probably not the most technically piece of dance I’ve seen, but I do like this video and I like the style of it. Wouldn’t mind giving it a go.

So a little bit of pump it for your Friday evening! Xx

March Dance Challenge 20 – So You Think You Can Dance


Today dancing wonder is from the British So You Think You Can Dance!

This piece I particularly enjoyed because I thought the choreography was great, by Rafael Bonachela, a Spanish choreographer. And the music Speechless by Lady Gaga is a lovely song. The dancers aren’t that bad either!

Try and find some time to watch! It’s great! X

March Dance Challenge 19 – Singing In The Rain


Now this isn’t a classic bit of dancing, but I just love this whole song and dance.

Singing In The Rain is a great film and the original dance by Gene Kelly is magic, but this version by Morecambe and Wise is lovely!

Enjoy! X

March Dance Challenge 18 – Natalia Makarova


Back to the ballet today!

This footage is just mesmerising!

It of the great Natalia Makarova dancing the dying swan from my favourite ballet Swan Lake. The fluidity of her arms, how she effortlessly glides across the stage, the emotion she puts into the steps, is just wonderful!

Please enjoy! ….. If you are into that kinda thing! X

March Dance Challenge 17 – The Band Wagon


This piece of dance is well worth a look! You might not have seen this before. This dance is from the film The Band Wagon staring Fred Astaire.

Now this dance was the inspiration to Michael Jackson’s video Smooth criminal, you can definitely see the similarity. Michael got many of his moves, videos and styles from the old films. Also the choreographer Fossy who style is very distinct from the musical Chicago, again got inspiration from this film.

March Dance Challenge 16 – Family Guy


Today’s dance delight is an old one with a modern twist!

Being a Family Guy fan, and a Gene Kelly fan, this is just great. This is Stewie dancing Jerry Mouses part in the film Anchors Aweigh. Now I love the film and I remember watching this as a child. And of cause Gene Kelly’s dancing is faultless!

So a bit of fun for our Sunday evening after spending the day gardening in the sun, just have to add a picture of me and the boy having a rest after mowing the lawn.

Till tomorrow! X


March Dance Challenge 15 – Alvin Alley Revelations


Now for a master class in dancing and technique. This is a piece from Alvin Alley Revelations, Fix Me Jesus. Now it took me a while to decide with one of the great dances to show you from this master piece but I chose this one just because it is so beautiful. I went to see Revelations a few years ago and was just blown away with it perfection.

It was first brought to New York in 1960, and it tells the story of African Americans faith and their rise from slavery to freedom. The gospel music is great. When I saw their technique, I recognised the movements because away at ballet school the syllabus we used was influenced by Alvin.

So I hope you find a moment to actually watch it and enjoy! X

March Dance Challenge 14 – Razzle Dazzle


Come on babe, why don’t we paint the town….

This musical, Chicago, is my favourite stage musical, I’ve seen it at least four times, and this song I just love. Now if I was granted a wish to choose a musical to star in, this would be the one! It’s funny, sexy, stylish and has all the razzle dazzle! ….. Just like me! Hehe!

So have a little all that jazz for your Friday evening!

March Dance Challenge 13 – Daddy Long Legs


Today a dance from one of my most favourite old films, Daddy Long Legs, with Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron. I used to spend many Saturday afternoons watching a black and white movie, I watched all the old musicals, I was mesmerised by them, that’s what I call real dancing, and I think that’s where the styles now all originate from! This dance is typical of this time, I think I was born in the wrong time, it should have been the 50’s.

March Dance Challenge 12 – Tap Dancing


Right back in time today with a clip of good old fashioned tap dancing! I love tap, I taught it for 17 years! As a child I was rubbish at it, just couldn’t get it, but then as an adult it just clicked, and I ended up being quite good at it. I think teaching it helped, because I really had to break it down to teach so I really became to understand it.

So I hope you enjoy this clip because this is how dancing should be! X

March Dance Challenge 11 – Clog Dance


Here is todays dance, back to the ballet!

This dance is the clog dance from La Fille Mal Gardee.

This ballet was the one and only ballet I have managed to get OH to come and watch with me. We watched it in Boston, America. It is quite a good one to start with if you haven’t seen a ballet yet, it is light hearted, not to heavy. OH really liked this dance, and the music is great.

Till we meet tomorrow! x

March Dance Challenge 10 – They Don’t Care About Us


A big contrast from yesterday, this is the great Michael Jackson in a live show, singing, They Don’t Care About us.

The reason I have chose this is because I just love the style the dancing, his sharpness of the isolated movements, how it fits perfectly with the music, yet another dance I would love to learn. Really it wouldn’t be that difficult, but I bet they rehearsed this over and over to get it altogether! And he sings on top of the movements too! Effortless!

I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

March Dance Challenge 9 – Nutcracker Pas De Deux


Back to the ballet today!

This is the Pas de Deux from the Nutcracker.

Now this is a beautiful dance, but the music has a special place in my heart, because this music is what I walked in with my OH at our wedding. So now when I hear it I don’t just only think of the steps, but I now remember my very special day.

March Dance Challenge 8 – Step In Time


Back to film today! This, as a child, was one of the most exciting dances I saw! It is Step in Time from Mary Poppins.

It is fast and energetic, it was a dance that I used to watch over and over again and try and copy all the steps!

On other news, hasn’t it been lovely and sunny in good old England! Had a lovely walk with the dog on Dartmoor today! Just thought I would share that.

Till tomorrow, be good! X

March Dance Challenge 7 – Fat Boy Slim


Now time for something a little bit more modern, because I also love up to date dancing, in fact I need to keep up to date so I know what the kids are talking about and what interests them.

Saying all of that though this is quite old now but I do like this video. This is Fat Boy Slim, Weapon of Choice. The reason I like it so much is because of the ease and the naturalness of Christopher Walkens dancing. The beginning bit being the best part.

Hope you enjoy! X

March Dance Challenge 6 – Judy Garland


I have cheated a little bit because this isn’t a proper dance video, but I wanted to celebrate the character I dressed up as today for World Book Day.

The great Judy Garland was an all round performer, she could sing, dance and act, so it is not to far off the mark. I liked this video because you are listening to my favourite song from the film, but also watching the highlights of the film.

This film always brings back memories of Christmas time as a child. It seemed to be on every year in the seventies and I would watch it every time, I loved it! A little scared of the wicked witch though, and I think this film was an introduction for me to the world of musicals and my love of performing.

The picture of me below is what I looked like at school today, as you do! I am afraid that the only Dorothy dress I could get hold of was a little short, but be assured I covered myself up underneath well, with four layers, of two pairs of knickers and two pairs of tights. Not quite sure why I am explaining all of this, probably because I was self conscious, and it didn’t help that on the playground dismissing the children, one of the parents came up to me and said, ‘got your dress from Ann Summers did you!’, whistled and walked away! Great! X


March Dance Challenge 5 – Argentine Tango


Today’s dance delight is an Argentine tango, from Strictly Come Dancing. The dancers Vincent and Flavia are the one of the best couples I’ve seen dancing this style. Ballroom and Latin are styles that I haven’t studied. I would love to give this a go. It is a very sensuous dance and I love the music.

I’ve been busy today sorting out my costume for World Book Day tomorrow, so I will be posting a picture and a video tomorrow, I think. I will try and find a dance that is associated with my character.

Till tomorrow! X

March Dance Challenge 4 – Good Morning


Today’s dance spectacular is a must in a list of great dances!

This is Good Morning from Singing in the Rain.

Gene Kelly is without doubt one of my most favourite dancers. He set the standard, founded the style to many other dances. The grace and ease of all three of these dancers is wonderful, they make it look so easy, but in fact what they are doing is technically difficult. I would love to learn this dance properly just to see if I could do it!

And if you need cheering up this is the song and dance that will lift you! Enjoy x

March Dance Challenge 3 – Riverdance


As I said yesterday, I am going to be posting all sorts of different styles of dance from everywhere. I had great fun last night choosing all the videos, in fact I could carry this challenge on for another month there are so many pieces of dance I love! And all the pieces hold something special for me, like today’s.

This is the original footage from the Eurovision contest in 1994, where in the interval the world was blown away by this new kind of Irish stroke tap style. I was just glued to the TV.

It is also special to me because for sixteen years I ran a adults tap class, and I taught them this dance and they performed it with pride and excitement in front of a theatre audience. It’s the dance that everyone wants to have a go at, so I have taught it many times. I love dancing it because the music is so exhilarating and it’s a real cardio workout, you don’t need to go to the gym if you do this dance once a day!

So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do X

March Dance Challenge 2 – Swan lake Pax De Deux


I have this months blog theme…. March Dance Challenge!

Thanks to bemuzin who suggested I blog about what I know best and that is dancing.

I just had to start with the best piece of ballet the pax de deux (French for dance for two) from the best ballet Swan Lake with my favourite dance company The Bolshoi Ballet.

Now it isn’t going to be ballet everyday, I’m going to chose my favourite dances from film, music, theatre, and TV, all different styles, to hopefully suit everyone. So I hope you enjoy me sharing them, and for you non dance fans, I’m sorry, but I will try and write as normal, and dip into my life experiences. The reason I love this ballet so much is explained in a post I wrote a few days ago here

I suggest you listen to this piece of ballet with a good pair of headphones on to get the full effect of the emotion of the music!

I hope it all works ok, because this is the first time I have posted a video off my ipad! X

Now what?


At the beginning of February I challenged myself to post something everyday, which for the first time I have actually achieved! So now I have got into the habit of posting everyday I kinda don’t what to stop the momentum.

So now what?

What shall I challenge myself to this month?

I’m sure you have some cool ideas, I would still like to keep to a photo theme.

So answers on a post card please…..or in this modern time in my comments box.

Have a good Sunday! X