March Dance Challenge 16 – Family Guy

Today’s dance delight is an old one with a modern twist!

Being a Family Guy fan, and a Gene Kelly fan, this is just great. This is Stewie dancing Jerry Mouses part in the film Anchors Aweigh. Now I love the film and I remember watching this as a child. And of cause Gene Kelly’s dancing is faultless!

So a bit of fun for our Sunday evening after spending the day gardening in the sun, just have to add a picture of me and the boy having a rest after mowing the lawn.

Till tomorrow! X



2 thoughts on “March Dance Challenge 16 – Family Guy

  1. LOL I don’t know WHERE you find all these goodies. (Don’t tell me; I want to be surprised when I come “see” you!) I finally took tap classes 4 years ago after wanting to “forever”. I had such a great time, but unfortunately it aggravated a knee injury and I had to stop. I’m not giving away my tap shoes … yet. If nothing else, eventually I’ll forget it aggravated my knee and sign up all over again!!

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