March Dance Challenge 2 – Swan lake Pax De Deux

I have this months blog theme…. March Dance Challenge!

Thanks to bemuzin who suggested I blog about what I know best and that is dancing.

I just had to start with the best piece of ballet the pax de deux (French for dance for two) from the best ballet Swan Lake with my favourite dance company The Bolshoi Ballet.

Now it isn’t going to be ballet everyday, I’m going to chose my favourite dances from film, music, theatre, and TV, all different styles, to hopefully suit everyone. So I hope you enjoy me sharing them, and for you non dance fans, I’m sorry, but I will try and write as normal, and dip into my life experiences. The reason I love this ballet so much is explained in a post I wrote a few days ago here

I suggest you listen to this piece of ballet with a good pair of headphones on to get the full effect of the emotion of the music!

I hope it all works ok, because this is the first time I have posted a video off my ipad! X


2 thoughts on “March Dance Challenge 2 – Swan lake Pax De Deux

  1. Oh my. That was an exquisite pair of dancers – her arms were so very fluid. Great ballet is like great chocolate. Indescribably delicious. And 5-starts to you if that’s your first video on your posts. Well-done. Thank you for the shout-out. I’m so glad I found a dance enthusiast blog. I have a personal “bemuzin” story about Swan Lake that I will eventually get around to writing.

    Here are a few of my favs in dance movie category – and this will probably trigger a lot more for me:
    Strictly Ballroom
    Shall We Dance (the Japanese original, not the Richard Gere)

    I just finished an intriguing novel about a dancer titled The Art of Falling by Kathryn Craft. It grabs you from the get-go with well-developed characters; high quality writing and keeps your attention through the climax. Highly recommend it. Will be curious what others think.

    See how you get me going when you mention dance?!?

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