Soul Sunday

Our mind doesn’t know the way

Our heart has already been there

And our soul never left

Welcome home

Picture taken of Haytor on Dartmoor in Devon, England


Do you wanna build a snowman?


I thought I would drop you all a line, just to let you know I’m still alive!
I have noticed I haven’t blogged for a while, this is for many reasons really, enthusiasm, time, not feeling very interesting, changes, to name a few.

But this morning we woke to it snowing, first time here for four years, and the first time my hairy baby boy has seen it! So I thought I would share some pictures with you, which is what I do best! X

Click on here to see his first reaction!
Do you wanna play?




My Week In Photos!


I thought I would sum my half term week up in the photos that I have taken. I have finally got my camera up and running again. When you move house it does take a while to find the little things that make your life so easy, like chargers, adaptors, memory cards, etc, so with all of them reunited I now have a working camera.

The picture above is of one of the wood walks in Bovey Tracey, Devon, it has been a beautiful week weatherwise, and this next picture will prove that…


This is Teignmouth, Devon….


Then we have had Halloween, my OH carved some great pumpkins…


This one I particularly love…


Last night our family had a fireworks night in the garden, and it has to be done, making shapes with the sparklers…



These look like spirits dancing in the night…


I tried to write my name, you can just make out the n,e,t…


This is really clear of OHs…


Last but not least I’m going to spend my Sunday with my boy doing lots of work around the sofa!
Ta ta for now!


Beautiful Sunny Day Play!

Going to have to do two blog posts today because just been up the field with the dog and OH took their camera, and inspired by Crufts yesterday, has taken some action shoots of the boy! There was loads of great ones to choose from, but here is just a selection of them, enjoy! X














Feb Photo Challenge 24 – Black and White Woods





I saw on twitter this morning someone had posted a black and white picture, and I thought that would be a nice idea for my post today. So these are the pictures I took on my dog walk in the woods, next to my house. I think the black and white make it look quite atmospheric.

There does seem to be this wicked witch living in the woods, the ugly hag let me take a picture of her before she disappeared in a puff of smoke into the trees. If you listen carefully you can hear her cackles echoing across the valley!

Back to school for me tomorrow, it has been good having this extra day off, not that I’m organised at all, but it will happen, it always does. I have learnt to be more relaxed about teaching after nine years, as long as the children are happy and having fun that’s my priority and if all the other stuff happens along side it then all the better. My year six children are getting nearer to their SATS! So its teaching them to pass a test, which I do not agree with being the creative type. But that’s a whole different big subject.

Anyhoo…. See you tomorrow! X

Feb Photo Challenge 21 – First Walk of The Day


I took this picture this morning on my first walk of the day, it is a picture of the farm where I live, looking down on it from the lane. It was a beautiful blue sky, a tad chilly though. Now of cause it is raining, so I best wrap up for the next walk! X

Over the horizon!

I have got out of the habit of blogging or taking pictures, you can mainly blame the dog for that, cos the time I was sitting and faffing on the computer is now taken up with walking or training the pooch! I also haven’t been tweeting or blipping, (sounds like some sort of disease) and I do miss it, so I’m going to try and get back on track with it all, even if it is a short post, I feel it is still important to have a record of things to look back on, cos I do enjoy looking back over photos and events that have happened. Maybe at the moment my life is not that advent full, which is not a bad thing, so maybe I haven’t got that much to share.

I am doing something exciting at the moment at school, I applied for an awards for all grant and got money to set up a community radio based at my school. It has taken a year to sort out but we are finally getting closer to our first broadcast on the big wide web. So soon I will be able to share a link with you all to have a listen to my Devonian tones! Now that’s scary! It is a get opportunity for the children and I hope in time will add to and benefit their learning. It is quite rare for primary children to experience this down this end of the world, normally secondary schools, and the possibilities for its use are endless. Also I am in the process of turning our school hall into a theatre space, adding curtains, lights, microphones, and being able to broadcast on the radio from the hall too. So that will benefit us especially with only six working weeks to our Christmas performance (sorry to mention the c word but we have started that in our school already).

So that’s work, well plus the normal day to day life of being a teacher, which a lot of you out there I know know what I mean by that. At theatre school I run on a Saturday we are thinking of doing the production Charlie and the chocolate factory which I love. I have also started up a twinkle toes dancing group for littles which seems to be going alright, lots of skipping, jumping, wafting and pretending.

My knees are really playing up, not surprised with all the dancing, PE and walking the pony, not getting any younger, I’m afraid to go the doctors because I know they will say I will have to have another operation and I really haven’t got time for that. So I think I will shut up and put up with that for a minute.

Ok that’s a general update now back to the photo challenge!

All the below pictures are the horizons that I see around me.

The first photo is of Dartmoor where I often go for long walks.
The second is the view of the horizon from my caravan in Looe, Cornwall.
The third of the horizon from my boat.
And the last, this is the horizon I see very day out of my front door!

When I’m on my walks every day I see the sun set and in the morning i watch it rise, that always blows my mind that when the sun sets we shall never see that day again, it’s gone, it’s history already, but the sun will always rise again on a new day, a new beginning and a new hope!

I am a very lucky girl to live in such a beautiful place, aren’t I x

weekly photo challenge





Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes


Weekly Photo Challenge

Well I have finally squeezed a little time to post a challenge!

If you work in a school you will understand that this is a busy time of year, what with SATS, trips, sports day, reports, assessments, fetes, observations, leaving performances etc

Here is my spin on seeing the world through my eyes! This is me, taking a picture, for a picture, on my walk! I’m liking the fact that the angle is making me look as if I have elephant legs!

Anyway, thanks for the visit, don’t forget to say hi! X

A lucky boy am I ….

I was saying to my little (well not so little) pup tonight on our walk in our woods, how lucky we were to be able to walk in this lovely place everyday!

So I thought I would just share with you some pictures of our walk today! And so you can also see how my baby boy is doing, he is 8 mouths old now and will be taking his bronze kennel club award in July, hopefully with a bit of practise!

Thanks for dropping by x











Walk in the rain!


I was scheduled to do a long walk on Dartmoor today, but alas the rain stopped play again. So I went for a mini walk around Haldon forest, near Exeter in the rain. It is a really pretty trail with lots of different nooks and crannies, and secret pathways to explore!

As you can see below there was a throne for ‘Queenie’ for me to sit in and sing a little song. The request was ‘wheels on the bus’ and ‘wind the bobbin up’! All that was missing was my crown!




Thanks for dropping by! X

Tally Ho!


Went for a little 12 mile stroll on Dartmoor today! It was beautiful, a lovely sunny day. On my Easter holidays now, hurray, so have time for walks and blogging about walks. I thought the housework could wait one more day. Been to Cornwall to a spa for the weekend near St Austell, then dropped in at Looe on the way back home yesterday. So have got about a bit since friday haven’t I

Thanks for dropping by! Don’t be afraid to say hello, I don’t bite, well not much anyway!

If you were to walk anywhere in the world, where would it be? And why? X










Today’s walk…


Went for a walk up on Dartmoor today, as you can probably guess from the title! It was good to get out and blow away a few cobwebs (where ever that saying comes from). Walked only about 4 miles, so a short one today. I am very lucky that I have this out my back door.

I wish I had something deep and meaningful for you to read but I haven’t, sometimes your brain just won’t think that deeply. Some people are so creative in what they write, I wonder how long it takes them to think of stuff, does it just pop into their head. Some people just rant about anything, I’m not very good at ranting, wish I was better at really. I suppose because not a lot gets on my nerves. I like being asked questions because that stimulates my thinking.

So I won’t bore you anymore, you now can get back to what ever you were doing, thanks for dropping in!