March Dance Challenge 17 – The Band Wagon

This piece of dance is well worth a look! You might not have seen this before. This dance is from the film The Band Wagon staring Fred Astaire.

Now this dance was the inspiration to Michael Jackson’s video Smooth criminal, you can definitely see the similarity. Michael got many of his moves, videos and styles from the old films. Also the choreographer Fossy who style is very distinct from the musical Chicago, again got inspiration from this film.


4 thoughts on “March Dance Challenge 17 – The Band Wagon

  1. Just outstanding !! She had some moves (those forward advances) I haven’t seen before. A little West Side Story-ish to begin, then segued into a little Guys & Dolls, then straight to seduction. I loved it. One thing we’ve neglected to talk about is the multi-talented, visionary choreographers!! I might have been able to learn the dances in my younger days, but creating the choreography? Not a prayer!

  2. Great dance posts, but will be sorely disappointed if my favorite is not a part of you effort, James Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy. Just my opinion of course. I’ve dreamed of dancing like him and Michael Flatly. Difficult to to do with two feet the are akin to cinder blocks. Great Posts!

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