Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


This weeks photo challenge!

I saw this sign above a bar whilst I was waiting for my pizza last week and to be quite frank this sums me up! In fact when I die you can stick this on my headstone! There is not a lot in this world that I do give a shit about, probably could count them on one hand!

1. My OH
2. My kids
3. My animals
4. My kids at work
5. And that’s about it really so I have a spare finger just in case I find anything else I do give a shit about!

Thanks for dropping by, but I don’t give a shit if you haven’t! X


Which Way To Holland?


Well after nearly a year of waiting, we finally launched our boat for the very first time, all by ourselves! This is our first step, in many, towards working our way up to having a boat which we can retire on and sail the world!

So last year OH brought a little clapped out speed boat with no engine as a ‘keep me out of mischief’ project. And after much standing back and thinking and looking we put it in the water last night and it didn’t sink, and we didn’t fall in, the engine worked, only conking out once because of dirt in the filter.

We went to a quiet slipway to have a practice putting it in and out of the water. For those who have never done that before it is quite a faff! I only broke one nail and had one minor injury so all in all a success I think!

The boat isn’t finished cosmetically yet, it is looking a little like the three wheeler van from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ but soon it will be all pretty! The new seats are in, they swivel, but it still needs a bit more doing, but it goes, and quite fast too! So we went up the river on a beautiful evening found our way to the pub and went back again, got it out, hooked it up and went home!

Can I just say this is no way any of my doing, it has all been OH, they have worked very hard! I just swanned in at the last minute! Just vision ‘marg’ from the ‘Goodlife’ in all her yellow waterproof, well that’s me!




Come To My Paradise…

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Weekly Photo Challenge

As soon as you say escape to me, I always think of the Maldives. I think, so far, it is my favourite place in the whole world, well I haven’t been anywhere yet that has topped it. Here are a few of the pictures I took over there. Daily escapes are music and walks in the woods.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern – Animal Print

Weekly Photo Challenge




Well the patterns I love are the patterns on big cats. These lovely fellas live just down the road from me at Dartmoor zoo, Devon, they are just beautiful aren’t they!

OH took these pictures on our last visit!

Thanks for dropping by! X

Finish Me!

What a great idea today from the ghosts in your dashboard when I looked in my drafts I had three unfinished works. So I have taken your idea of setting a writing challenge and getting one of my readers to finish it for me.

This isn’t one of the daily prompts from WordPress but this is one of my ideas for a writing prompt I wanted to share with you. The trouble is I am not so good at writing about what I haven’t experienced, I am much better at non fiction about my life. So if somebody feels they would like to carry on where I started I will show you where I got to (not far) or if you wanted to use it as one of your writing prompts please do, but link me somehow so I can read it, that would make me very excited, (doesn’t take much does it!)

Go to your bookshelf, choose the 6th book along, open that book up to page 28, and use the first sentence on that page to open your story!

So here’s mine, the book was called ‘Yes’ or ‘no’ by Spencer Johnson

The young man grinned and said, “What are my options?” Hiro laughed

As he shunted the gun harder into their unwelcome guest ribs. The young man looked around the room he had found himself in and weighed up his options…..

Good for the soul…

From Above. Change your perspective on something.

Weekly Photo Challenge


Sorry wordpress I kinda played around with your words a little, I know this isn’t a picture taken from above, but you did say change your perspective on something so I thought this picture might fit that.

This is the field next to my house, (I am very lucky to live on a farm in the country) and all the fields around the house look like this and from above it looks like our house is surrounded by water, (see what I did there!)

This picture was taken last night on our way back from a lovely walk and pub evening, the sunset is beautiful isn’t!

Hope you are having a good weekend and thanks for dropping by! X