Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson


Daily Prompt

National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at at end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse.

On my seat….

Sit here and think
By myself
Once was busy
Now is bare

Sit here and think
Time for me
Just one minute
Then I’ll be ready

Sit here and think
You can come too
There’s room
On my seat

I wrote this poem a while ago, I’m not any kind of poet or anything but this picture, which I took at ‘Dartington Hall’ in Devon, just must have inspired me to break out into verse!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Weekly Photo Challenge

Youth Culture


I was just having a look through photos of a trip I took our year 6 children on last year, it was a great day in a beautiful place. Full of laughter, chatting, taking photos, filming and editing. It got me thinking of a few things, this picture I took kinda looks like they are looking forward to their future. What is going to be in store for them I wonder?

They are going to be leaving soon the comfort and safety of primary school and moving towards their future. I always find this time of the year particularly hard for many reasons. First because of my own turbulent experience of school but mainly now because I have nurtured, taught, wiped their noses, found their jumpers, sorted arguments, hugged, been cross with, played games with, ran with, sat with, cried with and looked after these children like as if they are my own from the age of 3. They started in nursery with me on their very first day, and I have seen them through their journey up through school, I have taught them in every year. That’s the joy of my job, I am not tied to one year group I teach the whole school throughout my week. And this years year six are the first I have taught from day one and soon they will be flying away hopefully taking a part of me with them. The fun we have had, the bad days we have had, the dancing, singing, playing, learning, discovering and performances. There is always one teacher you remember from primary school because they have influenced your life in a positive way isn’t there and I always wanted to be that one to them.

So I have done all I can, it will be soon time to let them go, we have a few things left to do though like SATS In two weeks. So for all you parents out there, there are teachers that really care, we do look after your blossoms the best we can, when you wave them off at the gate in the morning, then pick them up again later they have had a full and interesting day, even though you ask ‘how was your day, what have you done today at school’ all you get in answer, ‘not much’.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

These two pictures I think fit with the theme well!



Sorry haven’t got anything profound to say! Back to school and it is teaching, teaching and more teaching! So this as good as it is going to get for a minute, but just wanted to check in with the cyber world!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


Weekly Photo Challenge

This week, we want to see photos that represent change. Depending on where in the world you are, this could be a winter landscape blossoming to spring, or vice versa. It could be a picture of a place you’ve left behind and hope never to return to, a photo of a place you hope to reach, or a snapshot of where you currently stand in a journey. Perhaps you’ll capture your child on the cusp of a developmental milestone, or the sun just about to flip the switch between night and day.

Change is an interesting one, I have been through a lot of change over my life so far, especially over the last four years, which personal life have been the most challenging. I’ve changed relationships, houses, jobs, lost three people close to me, my children have changed from boys to men, parted relationship with my parents, not through death, by choice, these are just the main ones. But because of all of this change, which I think I cope with well, I become stronger and wiser. Things never stay the same and you either rise to it or crumble.

The reason I chose the picture above, which I took on a science trip with my school kids, is because this is how I feel sometimes, a wired Barbie, or just electrifying!

Photos of the day!


Took my dog on Teignmouth beach, Devon, England this afternoon! All these pictures were taken on the iPhone 5, on panoramic setting. I thought they were worth a post!






What have you been up to this afternoon?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour


This weeks photo challenge is about your favourite colour.

My favourite colour is red. There is red splashed all over my house (sounds like there has been some massacre, doesn’t it) I think red shows warmth, romance, comfort and dynamics.

The photo above is me on my wedding day wearing red. The most beautiful day I have ever had, everything was perfect, it exceeded my expectations and believe you me that is hard.

What’s your favourite colour, and why?

Puppy Update!


I thought I would give you all an update on the progress of my new baby boy!

I have had my new addition now two months and wow they change things. We weren’t even thinking of getting a dog until one day we were out and saw down the aisle of the pet shop a bundle of playful fluff, it was love at first sight. Then the breeder said those immortal words ‘he is for sale’ that was it our world has been turned upside down. Just when I thought I was coming to the end of ‘looking after’ and my children were all grown up and leaving the nest, I end up getting another dependent. Puppies are easier than children mind, you can’t stick them in a crate when they are getting on your nerves, but it is just like having a child in the house again.

He is going to training every week and is doing ok, I do want to have a ‘good boy’ the only time he is not so good is when the cats are about, he is still getting trained to ignore his natural instinct to chase and play.

Even though I grew up on a farm surrounded by dogs and had a dog on my own, I had forgotten how much time they take up. But don’t get me wrong I am absolutely loving having him, in fact I am driving everyone mad because he is all I talk and think about. I never thought I had it in me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

Weekly Photo Challenge

This won’t be a typical day for me because my typical day is spent teaching at school, so as I am on my Easter break you can take a peek into my home life. I might repeat this challenge in a couple of weeks so you can see me at work!

Now I would use this lovely new way of displaying pictures on tiled galleries, but as I do all my posts from my app on my iPad it doesn’t seem to let me do that, so hopefully WordPress will sort that out for me as I would love to play around with that feature! So instead I am going to take all my pictures today on my phone.

My day always starts the same whether I am at school or not, I get up early, I am a morning person, and see to my baby boy below. He needs a wee and a stretch because he has been in his crate all night. This is him this morning!


After a cuppa I then wrap up and take him for a walk up the lane. It was particularly grey and cold this morning.


So then on a normal day I would then shower and get ready for work, but this morning I leisurely had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, then sat down for another cuppa. This is my mission control!

Well to be honest I spent the rest of the day kinda doing this, so not very exciting for you, but good for me!


The most exciting thing was my son came over to see me and then we had an Indian.

Give me a couple of weeks and you will see a very different kind of day at school!

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