Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


Weekly Photo Challenge

This week, we want to see photos that represent change. Depending on where in the world you are, this could be a winter landscape blossoming to spring, or vice versa. It could be a picture of a place you’ve left behind and hope never to return to, a photo of a place you hope to reach, or a snapshot of where you currently stand in a journey. Perhaps you’ll capture your child on the cusp of a developmental milestone, or the sun just about to flip the switch between night and day.

Change is an interesting one, I have been through a lot of change over my life so far, especially over the last four years, which personal life have been the most challenging. I’ve changed relationships, houses, jobs, lost three people close to me, my children have changed from boys to men, parted relationship with my parents, not through death, by choice, these are just the main ones. But because of all of this change, which I think I cope with well, I become stronger and wiser. Things never stay the same and you either rise to it or crumble.

The reason I chose the picture above, which I took on a science trip with my school kids, is because this is how I feel sometimes, a wired Barbie, or just electrifying!


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