WPC – Harmony


Weekly Photo Challenge

Harmony…Tricky, can mean a million things to millions of people. To me it is how things complement each other, how things belong together to make one whole, the whole picture of how sky, sea and earth together together make our world, and each picture we take of the sky, sea and earth will look completely different but are only made up of those three elements.

This picture was taken one summers evening, whilst I was sitting on a wall eating fish and chips, at Teignmouth, Devon, England. x


WPC – Forces of Nature 


We are very lucky in the corner of our world, we have four main beautiful parts of nature, woodland, moorland, sea and countryside, all on my doorstep! 

Weekly Photo Challenge

Feb Photo Challenge 20



Today started off being a day of nothing planned, but ended up beginning a real busy day!

Needed a boost so phoned hairdressers, felt like a change and I have ended up having my hair dyed dark purple. Looks pretty cool!

Then went for a lovely walk on the beach in Paignton, Devon. As you can see by the pictures it was a beautiful afternoon, not raining, which makes a change! Then you can’t go seaside without having a chippy supper, so ate chicken and chips in the car! Brill x

Happy Birthday Queenie!


As you might have guessed already it was my birthday yesterday! And for my birthday I got a new camera. Which I am very excited about. This is the first camera that is all mine, no hand me downs or other peoples rejects! So now apart from blogging OHs lovely pictures, I can post ones that I have took. They won’t be as good, but it will give you a better idea of what happens in my day.

So we went to Plymouth for the day, down at the barbican. I like going there because it is by the sea , it has lovely shops, I like the aquarium, and most importantly it has lots of boats! After picking up my camera, we went for lunch as you see above! My ‘teacher’ look with my specs!


This is the very first picture taken with the new camera!


Now to try out all the different settings!


We went on a boat ride after lunch. So more playing around with the different settings, and trying to be a bit arty farty!


Below is the boat OH brought me for my birthday……..I wish!



Plymouth Hoe looks great from the water!







Had a lovely day! Thanks for dropping by! X



Just have to share with you these pictures my OH took while they were whale watching in Alaska! That’s where they have been hiding the last two weeks!


Saw some seals as well, great to see them all in their natural environment and not performing tricks at sea world, even though the seal just looks lost without his ball! X