Just a thought….

Baring in mind I am usually a person that works sometimes seven days a week, I am finding being sat with my leg elevated on forced rest quite hard! I have come to the conclusion that you get more done when you’re busy. The good old saying ‘if you want anything done ask a busy person’ is so true. When there is no rush to do anything it takes longer for you to do it. You can kind of see how people get into a rut of not working, because I am finding it takes all my efforts at the moment just to get dressed. I know that I am supposed to be resting to aid my recovery, but it does not do anything for your motivation. I am normally very good at self motivation, but I must admit that I am struggling! What must it be like for people that do not have a strong self motivation? A continuance battle between fatigue and guilt to do ‘something’. What do you think? Do you struggle? Are you at home a lot for whatever reason? How do you cope?


Today’s Lesson is….

Over the next few weeks I am going to work out how to do lots of new things on my blog! Aren’t you glad you are going to take this journey with me! For some of you cyber professionals this is probably boring for you, but to us posting virgins it is quite a big deal.

Now today’s lesson is ‘how am I to get a YouTube video posted on my blog?’

My son has been practicing a new piano piece, and it is one of my favourites. So I thought I would share that with you. Now to post this I think that I am going to have to save this as a draft to my blog then add the video at the other end! We shall see…