If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

I think the best two pieces of advice I have had whilst growing up and that have stuck with me, is,

1. Always walk out the door looking your best. I definitely follow this one. Hair and makeup always needs to be on for me to face the world, because it it sods law you will bump into someone you haven’t seen in years when you have just dragged your arse out of bed, shoved your joggers on, licked your hair down, not bothered with your contact lenses and your breath smells like dog shit!

2. Always walk into a room as if you own it. This is a great bit of advice if you lack a little confidence. It is all about faking it. People always say to me how confident I come across as, but inside I’m a scared little child. If I walk into a posh hotel or into a pub I always stride in imagining that I am the owner, it gives you an ‘air’ about you and people treat you differently, try it, it works!

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p.s I took this picture today on my way home, it’s just next to my house, lovely sky isn’t it! X


Little Robin


I just thought I would share with you the pictures my OH took the other day of our little friend who lives in the garden. We were out in the garden sorting, and this little robin had no fear, he was just bobbing up and down from the tree to the bench watching what we were up to, and he just sat there and posed for his photo call.

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Tally Ho!


Went for a little 12 mile stroll on Dartmoor today! It was beautiful, a lovely sunny day. On my Easter holidays now, hurray, so have time for walks and blogging about walks. I thought the housework could wait one more day. Been to Cornwall to a spa for the weekend near St Austell, then dropped in at Looe on the way back home yesterday. So have got about a bit since friday haven’t I

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If you were to walk anywhere in the world, where would it be? And why? X