Tally Ho!


Went for a little 12 mile stroll on Dartmoor today! It was beautiful, a lovely sunny day. On my Easter holidays now, hurray, so have time for walks and blogging about walks. I thought the housework could wait one more day. Been to Cornwall to a spa for the weekend near St Austell, then dropped in at Looe on the way back home yesterday. So have got about a bit since friday haven’t I

Thanks for dropping by! Don’t be afraid to say hello, I don’t bite, well not much anyway!

If you were to walk anywhere in the world, where would it be? And why? X










6 thoughts on “Tally Ho!

  1. Gorgeous. Beautiful photos & such a great energy to the post. Love it. Enjoy your Easter break. Lily xx

    • Thanks! Yes Dartmoor is 10 mins away from me, can see it from my window! So I am very lucky to have something so beautiful so close to me. I never used to appreciate it, but now in the school hols I always try and get out for a long walk! X

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