Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

Weekly Photo Challenge

This won’t be a typical day for me because my typical day is spent teaching at school, so as I am on my Easter break you can take a peek into my home life. I might repeat this challenge in a couple of weeks so you can see me at work!

Now I would use this lovely new way of displaying pictures on tiled galleries, but as I do all my posts from my app on my iPad it doesn’t seem to let me do that, so hopefully WordPress will sort that out for me as I would love to play around with that feature! So instead I am going to take all my pictures today on my phone.

My day always starts the same whether I am at school or not, I get up early, I am a morning person, and see to my baby boy below. He needs a wee and a stretch because he has been in his crate all night. This is him this morning!


After a cuppa I then wrap up and take him for a walk up the lane. It was particularly grey and cold this morning.


So then on a normal day I would then shower and get ready for work, but this morning I leisurely had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, then sat down for another cuppa. This is my mission control!

Well to be honest I spent the rest of the day kinda doing this, so not very exciting for you, but good for me!


The most exciting thing was my son came over to see me and then we had an Indian.

Give me a couple of weeks and you will see a very different kind of day at school!

Thanks for dropping by! X


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