Surrey Sunset

Changing skies.

Like an oil painting isn’t it.

As the sun sets the colours change.

I feel there’s a book title in there somewhere!!


It’s amazing isn’t it that when you look at a picture what pops up in your head.

My beautiful dearest friend sent me these pictures of her walk the other evening.

Love to you x


WPC – Weight(less)

IPad pictures 190


In mind,

Free from worry,



Wash away,


(this picture was taken of me at sunset in the Maldives)

Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC – Refraction

Weekly Photo Challenge


Evening, morning, afternoon,

Not quite sure what refraction means really so took a guess with this picture.

This was taken on one of my many dog walks!

I love the rays radiating out from the ball of light, like it’s sending out its magic out to you personally, and how it is reflecting in the slither of puddle.

Take care! X

Good for the soul…

From Above. Change your perspective on something.

Weekly Photo Challenge


Sorry wordpress I kinda played around with your words a little, I know this isn’t a picture taken from above, but you did say change your perspective on something so I thought this picture might fit that.

This is the field next to my house, (I am very lucky to live on a farm in the country) and all the fields around the house look like this and from above it looks like our house is surrounded by water, (see what I did there!)

This picture was taken last night on our way back from a lovely walk and pub evening, the sunset is beautiful isn’t!

Hope you are having a good weekend and thanks for dropping by! X