Finish Me!

What a great idea today from the ghosts in your dashboard when I looked in my drafts I had three unfinished works. So I have taken your idea of setting a writing challenge and getting one of my readers to finish it for me.

This isn’t one of the daily prompts from WordPress but this is one of my ideas for a writing prompt I wanted to share with you. The trouble is I am not so good at writing about what I haven’t experienced, I am much better at non fiction about my life. So if somebody feels they would like to carry on where I started I will show you where I got to (not far) or if you wanted to use it as one of your writing prompts please do, but link me somehow so I can read it, that would make me very excited, (doesn’t take much does it!)

Go to your bookshelf, choose the 6th book along, open that book up to page 28, and use the first sentence on that page to open your story!

So here’s mine, the book was called ‘Yes’ or ‘no’ by Spencer Johnson

The young man grinned and said, “What are my options?” Hiro laughed

As he shunted the gun harder into their unwelcome guest ribs. The young man looked around the room he had found himself in and weighed up his options…..


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