March Dance Challenge 31 – Swan Lake

Well here we are then, the end of the month, so the end of my dance challenge! I must admit I have really enjoyed collecting all my favourite pieces of dance, each one of them having a personal meaning to me. I hope for those of you that are interested in dance have enjoyed my choices.

Now what next? What shall I do for April? because now I’m in the habit of posting everyday, I may as well carry on. I have noticed you get more response from photos, than videos, I suppose because it is a bit of an effort watching a whole video, unless you have a great interest in it. So I could go back to posting a photo, or I did think about posting a favourite piece of music of mine everyday, I’m not sure, what do you think?

Anyway, I started the month with my favourite ballet, and I shall end the month with my favourite ballet, this is the entrance of the swans, the corps de ballet. I love the togetherness, the symmetry of the lines and circles, all moving as one, beautiful! I gave this a go once as part as the corps de ballet in London, it’s harder than you think keeping absolutely perfectly together, took a lot of practise!

I look forward to your April challenge ideas! X


4 thoughts on “March Dance Challenge 31 – Swan Lake

  1. Thanks so much. March was so entertaining with the wide variety of dance you shared with us. I appreciated being able to come here and not have to search myself, and enjoyed every one of them! Will see you in April for whatever you decide to post!

    • Sorry it’s taken so long to reply! I am missing doing the dance blogs, Aprils music one didn’t interest me as much because I haven’t kept it up! I think I might stick to pictures! What do you think? X

      • Well, personally, I’m not as apt to listen to music while viewing blog postings because I’m not an audio person. But I think you need to do what pleases you. There ARE lots of folks who do enjoy the music postings; maybe they just haven’t found you yet!

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