Now what?


At the beginning of February I challenged myself to post something everyday, which for the first time I have actually achieved! So now I have got into the habit of posting everyday I kinda don’t what to stop the momentum.

So now what?

What shall I challenge myself to this month?

I’m sure you have some cool ideas, I would still like to keep to a photo theme.

So answers on a post card please…..or in this modern time in my comments box.

Have a good Sunday! X

3 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Any dance-related theme will have me looking several times a day! Or what about a daily photo showing signs of spring (or proof it’s not coming yet). Not sure where you live, so spring might not be your next season??

    • I like the idea of a dance related theme, as dance is my thing! What dancing stuff are you interested in?
      We are just going into spring here in England but looking at the wind and rain it hasn’t started yet x

      • I like all kinds of dancing except hip hop and rap stuff. Old pics, new pics – whatever you do, I’ll like (since I’ve liked your pictures so far) 😉

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