March Dance Challenge 6 – Judy Garland

I have cheated a little bit because this isn’t a proper dance video, but I wanted to celebrate the character I dressed up as today for World Book Day.

The great Judy Garland was an all round performer, she could sing, dance and act, so it is not to far off the mark. I liked this video because you are listening to my favourite song from the film, but also watching the highlights of the film.

This film always brings back memories of Christmas time as a child. It seemed to be on every year in the seventies and I would watch it every time, I loved it! A little scared of the wicked witch though, and I think this film was an introduction for me to the world of musicals and my love of performing.

The picture of me below is what I looked like at school today, as you do! I am afraid that the only Dorothy dress I could get hold of was a little short, but be assured I covered myself up underneath well, with four layers, of two pairs of knickers and two pairs of tights. Not quite sure why I am explaining all of this, probably because I was self conscious, and it didn’t help that on the playground dismissing the children, one of the parents came up to me and said, ‘got your dress from Ann Summers did you!’, whistled and walked away! Great! X



2 thoughts on “March Dance Challenge 6 – Judy Garland

  1. Too cure, Dorothy 🙂 W. of Oz was never one of my favorites – such angst throughout for Dorothy – but I see it in a different light through your enthusiasm.

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