March Dance Challenge 13 – Daddy Long Legs

Today a dance from one of my most favourite old films, Daddy Long Legs, with Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron. I used to spend many Saturday afternoons watching a black and white movie, I watched all the old musicals, I was mesmerised by them, that’s what I call real dancing, and I think that’s where the styles now all originate from! This dance is typical of this time, I think I was born in the wrong time, it should have been the 50’s.


2 thoughts on “March Dance Challenge 13 – Daddy Long Legs

  1. You just keep outdoing yourself with your picks!! I’m going to be coming back to your archives to see these over and over again. Love all the clean-shaven, well-dressed men. And Leslie Caron ain’t too bad either 🙂 I HAVE to be reincarnated as a dancer (at an age when all my parts are still oiled and cranking!) Thanks for the big grins today!

    • I’m really glad you are enjoying them! It has been great fun remembering my favourite dances! You and me both about being dancers, well I do still dance but it is not the same x

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