March Dance Challenge 7 – Fat Boy Slim

Now time for something a little bit more modern, because I also love up to date dancing, in fact I need to keep up to date so I know what the kids are talking about and what interests them.

Saying all of that though this is quite old now but I do like this video. This is Fat Boy Slim, Weapon of Choice. The reason I like it so much is because of the ease and the naturalness of Christopher Walkens dancing. The beginning bit being the best part.

Hope you enjoy! X


2 thoughts on “March Dance Challenge 7 – Fat Boy Slim

  1. Oh Shoot, can I quadruple “like” that?!? That came at JUST the right time – pissed off after a run in with my health insurance over a prescription and there are you and Christopher Walken giving me a huge chuckle. Perfect timing. Thank you.

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