March Dance Challenge 20 – So You Think You Can Dance

Today dancing wonder is from the British So You Think You Can Dance!

This piece I particularly enjoyed because I thought the choreography was great, by Rafael Bonachela, a Spanish choreographer. And the music Speechless by Lady Gaga is a lovely song. The dancers aren’t that bad either!

Try and find some time to watch! It’s great! X


4 thoughts on “March Dance Challenge 20 – So You Think You Can Dance

  1. It has potential; they did a good job with moves and lifts. I thought the transitions were a little too rough around the edges – just needs refinement, but then contemporary isn’t my forte. She exudes a great desl of strength in her physical presence. Good change of pace in your dance choice!

    • I think I mainly showed it because if the choreography and not their actual dance tech! I agree with you and I think that is where comtemp can get away with that! Freedom of movement!

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