Soul Sunday – My Bliss

We all have or did have until life too over, an activity that we get completely lost in, where the time just flies because we are so engrossed in what we are doing.

I call this being in my bliss.

Mine is sewing, in particular quilting. I can get lost for hours. I stick my music up loud, play songs I can sing to and boom, I am happy.

Above is a new project I started this week and this pattern is called the disappearing nine patch. What I love about this pattern it looks really complicated but actually it is simple to do, just a little time consuming.

What is your bliss?

What did you really used to enjoy doing but you don’t do now?

Do you need to rediscover it?


5 thoughts on “Soul Sunday – My Bliss

  1. That is so beautiful! ❤ I'd love to learn to quilt. (Perhaps I will one day.) My bliss is reading a great fiction novel. I could sit for hours and read, but I've fallen out of the routine of doing so. I need to discover that again.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment and the visit! You definitely need to get reading again, even if its only for 10 mins a day, then once you start again you will remember how much you love it. I think it important for everyone to be doing something they love a little everyday! x

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