Extreme Reading!


For school we need to create a photo of ‘extreme reading’ places, for world book day on Thursday!

So here’s mine, I thought I would share it with you! This scaffold is on the farm house next to mine, so as I passed it tonight on my way home from work I thought it would be a good spot, considering I hate heights! To be honest the only kind of reading I do is on my iPad so that’s why I’m holding that instead of a book. to be honest I was more scared of dropping my iPad than falling.



6 thoughts on “Extreme Reading!

  1. Do you suppose readwalking is extreme enough, or would I need to be doing something like readbiking/readskiing? 😉

  2. I’m so impressed by the fact you actually climbed up there! Great photos & certainly ‘extreme reading’ Imagine dropping your iPad in the Thames. My husband did just that! Another lovely blog. Perfect harmony between words & pictures. Lx

    • Thanks so much! I did take quite a while to get down, I’m ok going up, not so good coming down. It didn’t help that the planks of wood where not secured on, so if I was to put my foot on the end it would have pinged up! X

  3. yeikss.. wouldn’t catch me up there. you are way braver than i am. enjoyed.. ; )

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