On My Seat…


Sit here and think
By myself
Once was busy
Now is bare

Sit here and think
Time for me
Just one minute
Then I’ll be ready

Sit here and think
You can come too
There’s room
On my seat

I wrote this poem a while ago, I’m not any kind of poet or anything but this picture which I took at ‘Dartington Hall’ in Devon, just must have inspired me to brake out into verse!

Thanks for dropping by! X


3 thoughts on “On My Seat…

  1. Another lovely post. Words & picture in perfect harmony. Thank you. I really must return to my own seat soon. Love Lily x

  2. It is a gorgeous picture, reminds me of a place at work where I like to have lunch!

    Do you write much poetry? I try from time to time when the mood strikes. Possibly a family trait as I found a poem my grandad wrote when he was 16 today, say unread since 1946! Got to love a bit of history 🙂

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