WPC – Dreamy


Weekly Photo Challenge

This is what I call dreamy, a pint at a pub, on a summers evening after walking the dog on the beach! Cheers! X


Feb Photo Challenge 21 – First Walk of The Day


I took this picture this morning on my first walk of the day, it is a picture of the farm where I live, looking down on it from the lane. It was a beautiful blue sky, a tad chilly though. Now of cause it is raining, so I best wrap up for the next walk! X

Walk in the rain!


I was scheduled to do a long walk on Dartmoor today, but alas the rain stopped play again. So I went for a mini walk around Haldon forest, near Exeter in the rain. It is a really pretty trail with lots of different nooks and crannies, and secret pathways to explore!

As you can see below there was a throne for ‘Queenie’ for me to sit in and sing a little song. The request was ‘wheels on the bus’ and ‘wind the bobbin up’! All that was missing was my crown!




Thanks for dropping by! X