3 Things I Am Grateful For Today…


Today I had the freedom to wake when I chose, freedom to make a cuppa tea, freedom to get back into a comfy bed, freedom of technology, freedom of my own choice, freedom to make my own decisions, if I want to go back to sleep , I can, if I want to get up and go out, I can, freedom is a beautiful thing.


Today I woke up and and have the gift of a new day, I can walk without pain, I can breath without a struggle. I can see the beautiful world around me and can hear my radio and my family.


Whether that is my blood family or my chosen family, they are here if I need them, here to make me smile, here to listen to me, just here.

What are you grateful for today?

From the smallest thing…

Warm cup of tea, clean sheets, day off work, stroll down to the shop, birds singing, fresh air…




10 Facts For Free!!

It’s been a long time since I have had a little write on my blog. It’s tricky because I would like to be writing regularly on here but I never seem to have anything interesting to write about! Well what I find interesting anyway.

So I thought I would tell you 10 new things about me that you don’t already know. Just so you can get to know your Queenie a bit more!

1. I have a tattoo (shocking for royalty, I know)
2. I used to do Morris dancing (don’t laugh)
3. I bite my nails (gross)
4. I used to work as a community carer
5. I have had eye operations on both eyes
6. My first public appearance on stage was at the age of 2 and a half (child star, well just pushy parents)
7. My favourite film is Amadeus
8. I have a motorbike (easy rider)
9. I hate robots (weirdo)
10. I want to own a monster truck (monster trucks, monster trucks, monster trucks)

Now I have shared some stuff with you, why don’t you tell me something new about you!