About little old me!

It’s been 2 years or more since updating this ‘All about me’ page, and so much has happened, I have removed myself from a toxic relationship, bit by bit removing toxic people from my life and noticing that has left me with a handful of cheerleaders. Still whizzing around in a ambulance, but the biggest news is i am trying to ‘find myself.com’ all that kinda shit! its a journey that only I can take.

This is Netty, or also known as Queenie, Mum, Nana and Miss!

Miss worked in a primary school as a dance and music specialist. She had not a class of her own but taught throughout the week in every class and with every child in the school, delivering a more creative and fun curriculum! The perfect job for her!

Update…now Miss is flying around in an ambulance, thought she would have a change! And a change she got!

In a former life she trained as a dancer, dancing was her life. Starting from the age of two that was all she wanted to be, a ballet dancer so she auditioned and went to a ballet school, it was a boarding school. Then she grew too tall for ballet so focused her mind in musical theatre. She danced and danced and danced till she was sick! Then Annette became Netty and trained to do nursing and worked in community care and special schools. But once a dancer always a dancer, she was drawn back into it and became a dance teacher.

Then sheΒ  became Mum to two little boys, then teenage aliens, now men. Her mothering ethos was to ‘nurture independence’ they were commonly known to be running around the house with a bottle of vodka and a box of matches!

Then Netty was crowned Queenie, which suited her just right!

Netty enjoys writing, walking, animals, countryside, sewing, art, making stuff from junk and travelling. She has been lucky enough to have been to many beautiful places throughout the world, and enjoys peace and quiet nowadays.

Now the reason for this blog? I’m not one of those serious bloggers that blog everyday, but I just like having somewhere to pop down a few things, and anything that will motivate the reader to happy.

So glad you popped by, come again, and feel free to chat and leave a comment! X

Top 10 things to do before I’m 50|

1. Run (or walk) a marathon

2. Learn to pole dance

3. Have a boob job

4. Learn to read teenagers minds

5. Walk on the red carpet

6. Write a book

7. Visit more wonders of the world

8. Dye my hair blue

9. Streak at a football match

10. Get liposuction and a tummy tuck before number 9

81 thoughts on “About little old me!

  1. 1. Not interested in anything that requires exertion
    2. See 1
    3. No need
    4. See 1
    5. A daily occurence in my house
    6. Done that 10 times
    7. Seen some; plan to see more – No. 1 permitting.
    8. Needs thought.
    9. Needs considerable thought.
    10. Needs no thought.


  2. lovely to meet and learn about you, will be fun to follow. you look just fine to me.. ; )

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  4. You and I have a huge common denominator- dance!! You right – once a dancer, always a dancer;). Thank you for stopping by and following my blog – I am tickled!! Kimberly:)

  5. Not sure about the racing of teenagers’ minds, partly because having had 4, it’s virtually impossible to do that. And, as an adjunct, would you REALLY want to know what was circling round in there?!

  6. Hello Netty,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and glad to find you here πŸ™‚

    A very interesting “About” section here and even more interesting to be done before 50 list πŸ™‚

    Have a great time.

  7. Queenie, I participating in a virtual blog tour…I was considering yours as one of the blogs I wanted to recommend…would you be interested in participating? If so, contact me before tomorrow…not as much work as an award, but it might bring you some deserved extra traffic?

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am particularly interested in your goal of “write a book”. I told my mom that I wanted to publish a book before I was 60. I was glad when I finally did it. Good luck!

  9. Hi Queenie. I’ve noticed you’ve been by my blog several times so I thought it was time to check out your blog. I’ve enjoyed some of your photos in the past but I’ve never come to your ‘about’ page. It always amazes me how similar people can be. I too am a primary teacher but much older than you and my passion is art. In the last 3 years I’ve had my dream job, teaching art and library. My best friend had a similar past as yours. She started out as a dancer. Did ballet for years, grew too tall but continued to dance. She’s also a teacher and in the last few years she’s become the dance and music teacher at our school. We both teach all the children in the school. Sometimes I miss having a homeroom but that quickly disappears at report writing time. I love your top 10 list. Numbers 1 and 7 would be on mine but as for the rest I’ll leave those for you to work on.

    • Well thanks for a good look around my blog!
      It is amazing how lives can lead a similar pathway when we are so far away from each other.
      So my life is going to take a different, new pathway, which I will tell everyone about once it is all confirmed! X

  10. Hey Queenie!! Girl after my own heart!! Really enjoyed this. Is that the Maldives in one of those photos/ My favourite place on the planet EVER says she as i she had been there more than once!! I too used to dance. And grew too tall. Except I was four at the time!! Will be following πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for the thorough look around my blog and the follow! I shall repay the complement! Yes it is the Maldives, also my favourite place in the whole world! I’ve been there twice. X

  11. Thanks for the visit and like. I love you list idea, I may have to put something like that on my about page. I wanted the surgeries at one point also but now just say, it is what it is. I wanted to do the marathon but am happy with the 5K’s I do. I’ll have to give it some thought and put it on my to do list or I’ll forget. My list will be 60 instead of 50 and I only have 11 months to finish it. Wish me luck!

  12. Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog.
    Now a question: I’m using Twenty Eleven on one of my sites, but I’m only allowed a tiny header image (in height.) How did you get such a nice big picture for your header?

  13. Just say NO to #3 & #10 on your list! No. 4, ’cause kids believe mom has eyes in the back of her head, you can add mind reading – they’ll never know for sure. I hope this helps you get through your list on schedule. I’m glad you enjoyed my post & thank you for visiting.

  14. I can relate to 6, 7 and 8 on your list, but the rest…! Isn’t it good we’re all different and that we accept each other as we are. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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  16. Thanks for finding and liking my blog. I like your attitude and fun..I’ve crossed a few things of my list too since turning…..something forgot.

  17. Hi, thanks for stopping by. You have some great images here and I your about me made me smile and reminded me that we really are different facets of the same gem as we progress through life. Continue to sparkle brightly.

  18. You look and sound fab! No need for boob jobs or tummy tucks but I think blue hair would suit you (for a few weeks, not forever). You’d also make a great redhead. πŸ˜‰

  19. Well hello Neenaw Neenaw my friend.
    Just wanted to say that you sound like you have an interesting and varied life; with your two boys and an excellent bucket list might I add.
    Thanks kindly for visiting my blog and liking. I hope we maintain this contact so I might follow your progress.
    Luv n peas

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