My Week In Photos!


I thought I would sum my half term week up in the photos that I have taken. I have finally got my camera up and running again. When you move house it does take a while to find the little things that make your life so easy, like chargers, adaptors, memory cards, etc, so with all of them reunited I now have a working camera.

The picture above is of one of the wood walks in Bovey Tracey, Devon, it has been a beautiful week weatherwise, and this next picture will prove that…


This is Teignmouth, Devon….


Then we have had Halloween, my OH carved some great pumpkins…


This one I particularly love…


Last night our family had a fireworks night in the garden, and it has to be done, making shapes with the sparklers…



These look like spirits dancing in the night…


I tried to write my name, you can just make out the n,e,t…


This is really clear of OHs…


Last but not least I’m going to spend my Sunday with my boy doing lots of work around the sofa!
Ta ta for now!



4 thoughts on “My Week In Photos!

  1. Loved making pictures with sparklers.Fond memories of being a kid. We don’t do sparklers much now unless on cakes (should rectify that huh!!) Your first photo made me want to toss a few pebbles into the creek. Bet your dog is enjoying the time with you. Mine loves being close by whatever I’m doing.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. We have had a good week togther, he always wants to be where i am, he is layed at my feet now, he best make most of me, off to work tomorrow. I just love sparklers, in fact the adults where having more fun than the kids last night.

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