The Prodigal Returns!


I’m back!….have you missed me?… don’t answer that! What a few months I have had, it goes a bit like this….

After 10 years in the same school, after lots of uming and arring I decided to hand in my notice to persue new adventures, can’t let the grass grow and all that, it was a big emotional wrench, because I loved my teaching job, and had established myself well in the school but what didn’t help was on the day I handed my notice in, I returned home to find out that my landlord had given me notice on my home which I had been living in for 13 years, I had brought my children up in that house, been through a lot of ups and downs there, so losing my job and home in one day was a little bit too much. I was more gutted about the house because that was out of my control and I lived in such a beautiful place. So I spent my summer holidays sorting and packing up my worldly goods, which after so many years it took some sorting, making decisions like, do we take the boys primary school exercises books or not, I let them make that decision!

After fours trailer loads to the tip later we moved. but within all of this I didn’t have a job, because I left without another job to go to, luckily within two days of leaving my last job I was offered a position at a special school, something new for me, but also something I am very excited about I managed to get on to a holding pool to train as a paramedic, something I have always wanted to do, but have never gone for because it was never the right time, but now it is, so two jobs at once, not bad.

I feel very proud of myself because I am a routine, comfort zone kinda girl, so leaving a teaching job with no job, with just blind faith was a big step for me.

This weekend has been the first weekend I have had to chill for long time, I used to also teach at weekends, but part of my change I also gave all that up too, that I had been doing for 18 years, it is strange having a two day weekend, but I could get used to it.

As you can see I haven’t had a lot of time to think about blogging but I am hoping to get back into the flow of things again.

Ok, back to the photo challenge, this was taken at night, so I thought I might get way with it! It also describes for me how this last two months have been, a bit swirly! X


15 thoughts on “The Prodigal Returns!

  1. Wow! I applaud you for quitting your job without the security of another one. And then to move?! Oh my! I’m a very comfort zone, routine oriented person who can’t step outside of it! I’m clinging to it at this point? Hats off to you!

  2. You know what we say here – you can’t get to third base unless you take your foot off of second! So good for you for taking a risk and making it work, and then recovering from being forced to move. You go!!!

  3. Welcome back Queenie. You’ve had a real makeover in your life! I hope the kids kept their English exercise books – nothing like looking back on the old compositions: wish I had mine. You’ve been gone so long I forgot I was following you, so thought there would be reams here for me to catch up on. Take care. 🙂

    • Thanks very much, it is nice to have been missed. Thanks for having a good catch up and a nose around my blog, so much has happened recently and I don’t get time to put it all down on paper….well type it. The boys didn’t keep all their books, I think they might regret that when they are much older, but never mind. X

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