Writing 101 – Day Nineteen – Reverse Bucket List

400 words… Free writing, scary, no editing, tricky!

My reverse bucket list, many people have their bucket list of things to do before they die, I wonder where that name came from, bucket, anyway. So thought I would do my reverse bucket list of all the things I don’t want to do before I die.

The first has got to be anything to do with extreme heights, like parachute jumps or bungee jumps. Who in their right mind voluntarily throws themselves off or out of something? I know a lot of people do but that is not for me, thank you very much.

I do not do being cold or wet on any level, so this means I do not want to visit anywhere like Alaska, go skiing, in fact anything to do with snow or ice you can rule me out, and yes I know many of you will say how beautiful all that is, but I can see pictures of it all from the comfort of my home.

Become a naturist, no way on earth am I going to bare all for anyone. Have my bits dangling or see anyone else’s bits swinging in the wind.

Learn a new language, I know you will say how lazy, but I have tried but I just don’t get it. I struggle with my own language at times, so having to translate that into an alien speak is just to much for my brain to take.

This is one I’m sure that many of you will disagree with, I know, but I have no desire to see the northern lights. I have seen lots of pretty pictures of it but the thought of traipsing to a cold place, get up early to possibly catch a flicker in the sky does not appeal to me, sorry!

Doing a triathlon does not appeal either. I might at a push attempt a marathon one day. But I think a triathlon is related to the fact of having to get wet and I don’t do bikes either.

Go back packing for a year. I just never have seen the attraction to the whole back-pack for a year thing. I like to be home, I like to wash my clothes regularly and sleep in my bed. So unless the sofa is moving with me, i might manage a week.

Climb mount Everest, we had a man come and do a talk at school who had climbed Mount Everest, it was an amazing achievement for him, but it totally put me off, because what I didn’t realise was you don’t just plod your way upwards, but so your body gets used to the altitude you go up a bit then come back down, up a bit more then come back down, then go up a bit more then come back down, you get the idea. Well you end up climbing it a dozen times just to get to the top. No thank you.

Eat live spiders or any other kinds of bugs, don’t feel the need to prove myself to anyone, and that includes me. Plus, both me and my body know we can’t handle it, and we are fine with that.

Be pregnant again, done that, got the t shirt and stretch marks to prove it didn’t like it then, and wouldn’t like it now.

Swim in the big wide ocean. One word: sharks. Two words: jelly fish. Two other words: rip tides. See also: “cold”, “choppy”, “cramps”, “search was called off on account of darkness” and “not waving but drowning”

Well I think this might be around the 400 word mark, but I don’t have a word count on the ipad.

What would be on your reverse bucket list? I would be interested to know! X


11 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day Nineteen – Reverse Bucket List

  1. Bucket list came from the movie of the same name, in which two old guys decided to make a list of what they wanted to accomplish before they “kicked the bucket.”

    And I love your list. I don’t mind wet, if I’m warm, but cold? Nope? Bungee? Nope. Alaska? Only if I’m in a mosquito-proof container.

  2. What a great idea! The thing is, I reckon some people would have this exact list as their actual bucket list. It’s amazing how we can all differ from one another in what we want!

  3. I actually laughed out loud all through this. I love your humour. I’ve never thought of a reverse bucket list. But this was wonderful.

  4. Sounds an agreeable list Queenie. I bungee jumped only because I wanted to big note myself, being the most ancient person on a Footloose Tour bus, about 35 and married (I told them I was on long service leave). On the way home from New Zealand we were told to look out the plane window at the Northern Lights. I had no idea what I was looking at, but your bit of a flicker in the sky sounds about right! I’m still not sure I even looked in the right direction. Great reverse list. 😀

  5. Great reverse list and I would agree but I am going to think on this one I am sure there are other things I also don’t want to do. So I take your challenge and will soon post on my blog and will be following yours. Good luck at keeping to your reverse bucket list I am sure it will be easier.

  6. I have done all your pet hates and loved every moment. For me, it’s not about counting the days or minutes, but instead making every minute count. I want to the time I have left on this planet meaningfully. I want to make a difference.

    I have thrown myself from aeroplanes, parachuting and seeing a beautiful sunrise and blue skies at 13000 ft. I have bungee-jumped from obscene heights over crocodile infested waters, surfed the waves in Hawaii, and been on a stomach-churning bobsleigh ride in Norway, all for charity. I’ve done these things because I can.

    I have been fortunate enough to travel the world; to see and appreciate that the way we live in the western world is not the only way.
    To retreat in silence, I attended a week of silent meditation retreat in a monastery in the Himalayas many years ago. The majority of people who dropped out did so in the first three days. Waking at 4am, sleeping on a concrete bed with wooden pillows, bathing outside and not eating after noon added to the experience, but nothing was as hard as being silent for a week. One of the most surprising things I learned was that the longer my mouth stayed silent the noisier my brain became. The real struggle was dealing with your own mind, and the memories and monsters it will throw at you when you can’t be distracted by talking, phones or the internet.

    The humbling and magnificent Grand Canyon; the awesome Pyramids of Egypt; the beautiful sunsets in Yosemite National Park, and the tallest trees in the world – imagine if they could talk.

    My way of giving something back is to ensure that my children understand that the world is a very small place. The legacy we leave behind is like a museum detailing every moment of our life; making every minute count as if it was our last.

    My reverse bucket list would be to stay on my sofa. To go camping, to maintain my garden with nail scissors and boast to my neighbours about my daisies.
    To host coffee mornings and make my weekly groceries shop my highlight.
    To live an ordinary life, doing what ordinary people do.
    To have a dog and think that it’s human, and treat it in preposterous ways.
    I don’t want to become lazy, complacent, ignorant or worse still unhappy.

    I want to live my life to the full so when I close my eyes for the last time I won’t have any regrets. I want to be able to know that I didn’t miss a thing.

    Kind regards


  7. Those are on my re-verse bucket list too. I won’t be climbing Mt Rainier, travel across the world going to different countries, I think I stay put in the United States, and I won’t do much traveling, or road trips. I won’t do camping although I like nature to a point. I won’t get married although if you’re lucky enough to have someone truly support that is a blessing, I won’t ride extreme rides at amusement park, just looking at them on TV gives me a heart attack.

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