Writing 101 Day 1 & 2 – A Place Called Heaven

Writing 101

 I am going to combine yesterday’s subject of just free writing for 20 mins and to today’s idea of what place would I zoom to right now, if that’s ok, because it kills two birds in one stone…. Where ever that saying comes from! I don’t class myself as a writer, and for a creative person I’m not so good at writing about fantasy, only reality. 

Sipping on my last dreg of tea, a breeze gently sweeps across my face. I shut my eyes, lift my head up and like a sunflower staining to find the last ray of the sun, the feeling of warmth shrouds my face like a hot flannel. Instantly the tension that has been building up softens, I sigh inwardly. Around me, peace, silence, except for the hypnotic, almost rhythmical movement of soft waves caressing the sand. I slowly open my eyes and before me is blue, upon silver, upon blue, layers of heaven sparkling. I don’t want to move, I want to soak up the moment so it never ends, it will, I know, but just a bit longer, let me stay here with nothing that needs to be done, teach, say, arrange, manage, cope with, just nothing, a great big pit of nothing. Not a mother, a partner, a teacher, a listener, a friend, just me.

I know that isn’t much for 20 minutes of writing, but it is about setting a scene I think. I would say I hope you are all there with me, but I would be lying.

22 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 1 & 2 – A Place Called Heaven

  1. If you were all there with you it wouldnt be so peaceful. But I can take my imagation for a ride in you peace. For 20 minutes you had me I wonder what you would the 45 Lol keep them coming I will be waiting to see where you take me next.

  2. beautiful… i was there right beside you 🙂 its the brief simple moments in life and aloneness like this that can sooth the weariest soul… I look forward in reading more…

  3. I loved your description it was beautiful and like the others I felt I was there with you. When I read books I tend to skip over descriptions so it is not a skill I’ve really developed so I am in awe of your skills.

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