Weekly Photo Challenge – Split Second Story

Weekly Photo Challenge


As I don’t live in the hustle and bustle of a busy town or city, this picture is as hectic as it gets around here.

The split second story we have here is, if you look closely in the sky is a double rainbow. This picture was taken under the pressure of trying to keep a big dog under control from lunging at the cows, he doesn’t like cows, which is a bit of a shame considering we see them every day, I noticed there was a double rainbow so I quickly got my camera out to catch it, but it never comes out as good as it looks like in real life. But never mind! I always find them one of natures little miracles! X


30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Split Second Story

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  5. Wow…that’s incredible to see double rainbow…2 years back, when I was in Seattle, while at the top of Space Needle, I was fortunate enough to see the double rainbow…Thanks for sharing..do visit my blogs as well..

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  9. Oh, Queenie–I had to chuckle at your comment, ‘this is as hectic as it gets.” It looks pretty near idyllic to me! Wanted to thank you for the like of my ‘room’ post. Most appreciated.

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