Do you know what it is yet?

Do you know what it is yet?

I was on a walk with the dog one early morning this week, it was such a beautiful morning, heavy dew sparkling on the grass, making the small cobwebs shine, trees showing through the mist in the back ground and I just thought ‘wow’ I so want to paint this. But I had no paints. I was thinking about it all day, so in the evening I searched out some old colouring pencils that were the boys as they were growing up, sharpened them up, ordered them in colours, and I drew this. What do you think? It’s no Da Vinci, I know!

So today I went out and have brought some acrylics, I don’t know what to do with them but I’m looking forward to having a play later. As I’m such a perfectionist I’m sure most of it going to end up in the bin out of frustration, but I just want to give it a go!

So if there is any of you out there that have any tips, mainly on mixing colours and layering then I’m all ears!


3 thoughts on “Do you know what it is yet?

  1. I like this! For acrylics I find buff/sugar paper works pretty well as it’s thicker. Less is more when it comes to paint! You can mix layers of paint when they’re wet which sometimes turns out quite nicely… and you can try watering them down slightly to make the paint thinner for a wash perhaps? Try and use the primary colours + white as much as you can rather than buying other pre made paints! Let me know how you get on 🙂

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