Happy birthday!


Well I have just noticed I have achieved my February photo challenge, I managed to post everyday for the month of February, I’m a little chuffed with myself. Shining chuffty badge as we speak!

The picture is of my baby boy who is eighteen today, so eighteen years ago I gave birth, how weird is that! I now have two adult sons! Bloody hell, excuse me, but where did that time go?

It seems only yesterday that at the age of three he was having a birthday party dressed as Woody, having a tantrum every time he didn’t win a game, and me saying he would never have a party again…..and I don’t think he has actually… Except tonight!

Only yesterday when I was dropping him at primary school, only yesterday watching him play Willy Wonka in a primary school performance, only yesterday his first day at secondary school. Where has the time gone?, I don’t feel any older, I just feel like I did then. But I must admit I am looking forward to the plans ahead, gap years in Canada, university etc!

Now as I speak I am at my MIL house while I have left him to have a house party…. Do you think I will have a house to go back to tomorrow? X


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