Feb Photo Challenge 22 – Wood Burner


I was wondering what to post today, so I thought I would warm you all up by sharing my wood burner with you!

It’s lovely having a wood burner, but when it is your only heat in the whole house, so no luxury of switching a button to warm up, come wind and rain you have to go out and chop wood. We are in constant forage mode, seeing what we can burn.

My dad always said to me wood heats you up five time, chop tree down, saw wood, load wood, unload wood, burn wood! And he is so right. There is something quite satisfying about having to work so hard to keep yourself warm, but some days when you get home late from work, the house is cold, it’s dark and raining, you would give anything to be able to just switch a switch. And don’t start me on the dust!! X


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