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I thought I would link my daily post today with the daily post because it got my mind a ticking!

The question posed is…
Which vice or bad habit can you simply not abide in others?

Well there are many things really, bad manners, rude, grumpy people to name but a few, but there is a vice that really makes my skin curl and sick really, what I’m about to say will probably offend some people, I apologise for that, but we are all initialed to our own opinions, aren’t we.

One word for you ‘gluttony’, I’m not talking about enjoying the odd big meal, I like my food just as much as anyone, but I mean people that eat way too much all the time, pig themselves out, abuse their bodies by feeding it, and feeding it, which in turn transforms them into a very large human body, thus making them ill. Why?

I know there are many deep deep psychological problems why people over eat, I do know, I was brought up by someone that was one of those people. Which is probably why I am discussed by it. A person that when they fell over it took four grown men to get them off the floor, a person that ate an apple but coated it in sugar, a person that would rather feed themselves than their family, a person that would fry everything to a point that there was a coating of grease on everything you touched.

So I suppose there maybe some issues of my own!

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