Feb Photo Challenge 10 – Rainbow


Amongst the grey clouds as I was leaving school tonight a double rainbow was across the sky. But of cause by the time I get my camera and fire it up the double part has faded and my picture doesn’t do it justice! But here it is anyway!

It would be so cool if I had the patience to do proper photography, but I’m a bit of an instant girl, if it doesn’t look great first time I’m done. I look at some of the bloggers pictures I follow, and don’t, their pictures are just stunning. Mine, just a grey blob!

Nevermind, can’t be good at everything! X


10 thoughts on “Feb Photo Challenge 10 – Rainbow

  1. 🙂 While in Hawaii, I saw a rainbow (or double) practically every day. My camera NEVER did them justice, and I like to think I’m a decent photographer. *sigh* Something about the sky that we don’t get to capture it – so we must enjoy it instead. Perhaps there’s wisdom in that.

  2. Great capture! I was driving home from work when this beautiful rainbow was shining it’s colours so radiantly… there was nowhere for me to stop and I didn’t have my big camera with me anyway but I was gutted that I’d missed the opportunity! Well done you for grabbing it! 🙂

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