Feb Photo Challenge 3 – Dog Training

As you read yesterday we have now had our hairy friend for a year and for nearly every Monday of that year we have been going to training with him. We started in the puppy class, were he took his bronze kennel club award, then we was moved up to the big boys class, which is where he is practising for his silver award.

Monday night at training is one of the most entertaining evenings of the week, you might be thinking ‘blimey she doesn’t get out much’, but honestly it is so entertaining! The lady in charge is hilarious, and a little scary, but each week something makes me laugh. Some weeks all the dogs are just mental, full moon, other nights they behave. You have dogs and owners all shapes and sizes and she calls my dog ‘the big boy’, the mop and bucket comes out every week

Going to training has totally been the making of me and my dog! I don’t think I could have done it without the support I have had there, it has been something that OH and me have been going to together and something that we have keep at.

The best evening was the Christmas party, you haven’t lived until you have seen dogs playing musical statues, I think musical chairs was the highlight for me, which my boy won! There is a Saturday night ITV show in that I tell you!





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