How To Know When You’re A Teacher

I don’t often reblog something! But this blogger has just summed up my life!

And can I just add that I have heard my name when I was naked at the swimming pool just at the point when I was shimming off my costume under my towel and it drops to the floor and I heard screeching across the changing rooms ‘hi miss c’ ….. Great! X

Suzie Speaks

How you know when You're a teacher

Updated August 2018, originally published July 2013

1. Regardless of where you are – shopping, the cinema, in a restaurant, even on a beach on holiday – you’ll almost always hear ‘Hi Miss/Sir’ or hear your name shouted out at you and instantly know that a student is standing in the immediate vicinity. The event of this happening is even more likely when you’re wearing your scruffy clothes and haven’t washed your hair.

2. You are called ‘Mum/Dad’ accidentally at least ten times a day.

3. You’ve learnt not to complain about your job to your non-teacher friends as this will always elicit a ‘but you get three months off a year, you have it so easy’ response from them and you don’t wish to get into yet another confrontation while you’re trying to drink your cocktail.

4. Excitement can be found in the discovery of attractive stationery, and hours…

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4 thoughts on “How To Know When You’re A Teacher

  1. hello, thank you for dropping by. I was going to train as a teacher life, love and the urge to earn money kept me out of uni, but I am glad I did, working as support in the primary school is less pay but oh so much fun. Monday morning I have the excitement of a 5 year old on Christmas morning, I hate the holidays.
    You may like to look at my other site which is more cheerful lol
    I will read your blog over the next few days, I also love your German Shepherd, I would love to have one but I live in a small cottage which Shepherd would take over the livingroom lol and unfortunately my wife is scared of them. So we have Mehmet a 13 year old Jack Russell, who thinks he owns the house and rigorously protects it.

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