Daily Prompt: Musical


Picture credit, Piano dance Painting – Piano dance Fine Art Print – Greg Gierlowski

What role does music play in your life?

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Where do I start with this one? Because music has shaped my life and has got me to where I am today!

I grew up in a household of musicians, and surrounded by music. Both parents played instruments from piano to brass. They were the founders of the local brass band. I played my first instrument at the age of two, and spent my time in band room, practice room, in our music room, people coming to the house to play, concerts, my first appearance on stage was at two and a half to perform in front of a live band and audience. All my four brothers were musicians, one going on to play professionally (see him here) I was exposed to all forms of music from classical to rock, ‘Queen’ being my particulate favourite.

Then I went to ballet at the age of three, that was it, music played a big part of my life again, even my mother played the piano to my lessons. So through dancing I learnt to express, appreciate, and dissect music.

Because dancing was everything in my life, I spent my secondary school years at a ballet school, which I have started to write about here At school I sang, played piano, danced and even learnt the double bass but not very well! I performed, and performed and performed, like a little performing monkey.

So with this strong foundation in music and dance, fast forward to now, and that is exactly what I do every day, teaching dance and music throughout my school, and now even teaching teachers to teach music!

So you could say music has been the most important influence to me personally and professionally!

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