Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond



I thought these two picture suited the theme of ‘beyond’ quite well!

The top one I took on my phone when we went for fish and chips supper at Teignmouth in Devon.

The second is when I was having birthday lunch in Plymouth, Devon!

Thanks for dropping by x


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

  1. I just loved that bottom photo and the open window just seems to break it up a bit because otherwise you’d have a lot of buildings that look the same. Same architect do you think? How did you get that angle? Were you having your birthday lunch upstairs? Where was it? Hope I’m not being snoopy, but I want to know more. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! You are not being snoopy at all!

      Not sure about the architect but the area is very historic! The barbican in Plymouth is where the mayflower ship transported the first people over to American, something like that! To get the angle I leaned out the window trying out my new camera I had just received for my birthday! Yes it was up stairs in a place called the Plymouth gin! Hope that’s ok! X

  2. Ommigod. Who’d have thought I’d bump into home on WordPress? Now I want a pasty and chips on the Barbican. I’m even ready to fight with the emmets for a place on a Mayflower steps bench, and even share my pasty crust with the seagulls…. Snif….

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