Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Weekly Photo Challenge


Everyday someone, somewhere, lights a candle to peace.

It is a universal gesture, immune to politics.

It pays tribute to no philosophy, materialistic or messianic.

The candle when lit by people of good will serves the good that is in us all, it cauterises all that in us is evil.

To every force arrayed in anger against an opposing force in the world, the candle’s message is simple, “The sum of the good you share in your hearts is far greater than those evils that seek to divide you.”

The candle when ignited does not detonate.
It illuminates.
It doesn’t challenge the heavens in a thundering roar.
It makes its plea in a steady flame, reflected in the eye of a wondering child,
or in the squint of an elder who has seen it all.

The candle graces the menorah as it fits the tree, it is at home in all the windows of the world.

It’s reassurance cannot be measured.

For the good news is that peace is not to be found in the frantic mathematics of the megaton.

It reposes calmly in the magic of the candle.

(Author unknown)


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