Daily Prompt: 1984


You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room:

Can I just start with saying I am a little excited because I have come across this blog a while ago The Daily Post and I have been reading it everyday, but not quite understanding how it all works and being a little scared to give it a go, but here I am building the courage to join in!

So back to the above question…well I do have a big fear and it might even take me a while just to be able to type the word, because even that makes me feel sick just thinking about having to do that! In this house they are called ‘Cs’ because I can’t even say the word and everyone is banned from saying it. And it is a good job I live in a country where they are not common. I did go on holiday in Florida and they have millions of them, to the point where my poor OH spent the whole time on edge and thought that we would have to come home because of me freaking out. I wonder if you have guessed what it is yet?

I think I do have a deep psychological reason why I don’t like them and that is thanks to my peppered dragging up… See I am delaying saying the word….

So here goes…. And to most of you you will probably think what is the problem, stupid women, but those of you that have a great fear in something you will understand the feelings of sickness, heart racing, faintness, sweaty palms, frozen in fearness…. So I suppose you now want me to tell you… Well sorry, I just can’t so I will leave you guessing.

So if that is what is locked with me in a room I probably would die of …. Something!

p.s the picture is my happy place where I go when I’m scared

p.p.s I will be very chuffed with myself if this post ends up where I hope it might! X


15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: 1984

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  2. If I am thinking the same thing, Yes Florida, has millions and so does Hawaii, All types are nasty from the American to the German to the palmetto. Hawaii has some doozies too;.big flying C,s

  3. I’m pretty sure I know what it is as I’m originally from Florida. And I don’t like them either – not one bit! And I won’t type it either so you won’t have to read the word. Good luck, Dear One~

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