Not my best look!


Today I have mainly been home with chicken pox!

Chicken pox at my age! I have already had it once! It’s not been so bad this time though! It must be those pesky virus infested rug rats that did it!

Not my most attractive look!

If anyone of you want to come and peel me a grape that would be nice! X


2 thoughts on “Not my best look!

  1. Flippen hell ,didnt think we could catch it now !!!!!! FRIENDS kids have it ,and Ive never shoooot running for the hills ..leave bag of peeled grapes in porch ..wishing you well soon hun

    • Hehe! Thanks for the grapes they were much appreciated! Unfortunately kids are host to many itcy scratchy viruses! I am disappointed at my body allowing such things to invade! You would think I would have an immune system of a rhino! X

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