I will not, I will not be moved!

I just felt I had to say something about the new radio one breakfast show!

I, like many was sad to hear that Chris Moyles was to leave the breakfast show. I was a late comer to the breakfast show, never wanting to listen to it because to be quite frank I thought after seeing Chris on the telly a couple of times that he was an arrogant wanker! But I was brought round when he was training to climb kilimanjaro, and actually found out that he had a great sense of humour, right on my wave length of sarcasm, and underneath all the grumpiness he was a nice man! So I started to listen in the mornings and never looked back!

You see I am in that age bracket (over 40s) that radio one are trying to banish to the meek and mildness of radio two! No disrespect to people who listen to radio two, I know lots of twenty year olds that do, but to me it is so boring, the music is dated, they talk politics, sensible shit, cooking and knitting and there is no way I am ready for all of that! So Chris in the morning was perfect for us 30 and aboves because he was funny, didn’t take himself seriously, played up to date music, had good guests!

Then he is pushed out because he wasn’t bringing in the right target audience! How stupid, millions listened to him! So he must have be doing something right. Then I listened to the first show of the new young saviour Grimmy! Now as a presenter he is ok, but like a weirdo enticing children into a car promising them puppies, on his first show he had the teenagers wet dream of 1D and Justin Bieber on, to tempt the younguns in, and to try and push us oldies out!

Looking around out there, is nothing for people like me, I am over 40, but A) I still feel 20, and B) I like modern music. And working with young children I need to keep up to date with what is going on with them so I am still on their wave length!

So what I think I am trying to say really is …..

Radio one, I am not your target audience, but tough I am staying because there is no better alternative at the moment!

Thinking about Chris should start his own radio station for people like me, cos I am sure there are others! What I want is up to date music, humour, chat, no adverts!

Does this already exist? X


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