Brighten your day!

Here is a bit of blue sky, just to help us remember what it looks like. I don’t know about you but I find this time of year hard. I am definitely a sun shine girl, and all this dark mornings and dark nights, wet, cold days get me down. So won’t be long now I hope.




2 thoughts on “Brighten your day!

  1. Living here in the sun, it is unseasonally cold at night , very cold… as houses in the sun are built to get rid of heat as quickly as possible, built as they are with cold tile floors and hollow pot floors, I think the solidity of British built houses are far warmer and heat retaining, and the heat source keeps things cosier far longer, yet here few houses have full central heating, hence bbbrrrrr colder nights indoors !

    But hey there are some fabulous skies, days, and sunsets to make up for those nippy nights !

    • That’s for your comment my ballerina baby! It is a bit warmer this morning and there was a beautiful sunrise! Have a look on my blip foot page and you shall see! Have a good day and happy valentines xx

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