What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

So here we are then, another Christmas over with. I am not a Christmas lover, never have been really, and this year was a different one spending it over in the bright lights of Vegas!
So now I am going to bore you with the holiday pictures!


This was the sunset from the plane going over.


The entrance to the Luxor hotel, where we stayed.




One of the many Christmas displays in the hotels, this is the Bellagio hotel, one of my favourites.


Now who is that gorgeous girl! Oh it is just me!




This is the most beautiful hotel is the Venetian.



This hotel has a replica Venice canal, so we went for a gondolier ride, like you do!






On Christmas day this was being drawn by a plane outside my bedroom window! Alas it wasn’t for me!





Outside the Bellagio hotel they have an amazing fountain display to music, it is beautiful.



On the last evening we had a meal at the top of the Stratosphere hotel, it is a rotating restrauant. You can see the whole of the twinkling Vegas from up there!


You can even see our hotel from there, the on with the big light coming out of the top, which can be seen from space!

And yes I did have a little gamble on the roulette table, and yes it was very kind to me!

p.s the highlights for me where, at the MGM they have two lion cubs and I touched and stroked a little lion cub, that was amazing! I cried with excitement!
And the second was I spent one whole day in a luxury spa at The Hotel, I highly recommend it. Having a massage and soaking my aching bones from all that walking!


6 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

  1. Old Vegas had a charm to it used to stop there on the way through for the 99 cent breakfast (1975) order one & then most of the way through order another one with different stuff, first one was bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast & coffee, second one was ham, sunnyside up, home fries & toast, that fueled the trip to L.A. on the way back it carried me through to Colorado, used to do that in an 18 hour straight shot, not any more, I haven’t been to the New Vegas yet, probably won’t because most of my wanderings have been covered earlier in my life, more of an armchair traveller now with TV to take me all over the world, only made it to Puerto Rico and Bermuda and Canada when I was in the Navy, now there’s gamboling everywhere, so why go there to gamble, if passing through-go for it!!

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