Queen for the day!…. Day 7

Started the royal day in style and had champagne breakfast delivered to the room, just another day in paradise.


Went for a snorkel, and in-between me faffing with my mask, and swapping for another and that still leaking I did see some beautiful fish, just like the ones from nemo. Spent so much time in the water that we actually missed lunch, but that was ok because we had breakfast left over, so eat that then off for a treatment of all treats the ‘full moon magic treatment’. This entailed rubbing and scrapping and patting and hitting and more scrapping, lush, followed by champagne and fruits in a jacuzzi, looking over the ocean, with the odd canoeist and snorkeler for entertainment as you are sat there in your paper panties, when wet looks like you are wearing some sort of nappy, ‘mornin’, Once dry paper panties were put on then back for more rubbing down with moisturiser, till you are silky smooth and shiney Mc Shine.


After our smoothing session we went back to the room to relax and spoke to family to wish the Queenie her birthday regards. More rain, I know there has been a far bit of rain, but it’s not like the rain in England where it is cold and it makes everything look dull and boring, here when it rains you just want to run out in it, because it is so refreshing, it clears the air, it is not cold and depressing, and you know it won’t last long and it will be followed by clear sunshine.


As it was my birthday we booked to eat at the Asian wok restaurant which is where they cook teppanyaki style. We got a little buggy down to the restaurant because it was down the other end of the island. They sat us at a table where it had a glass floor so you could see the fishes while you drank, but just as we had ordered our cocktails our two new little friends turned up, with two glasses and a bottle of champagne to celebrate, that was very kind of them. So for those of you that haven’t eaten like this before, you are seated around a big cooking plate, there was eight of us. It is an eating marathon, you have about six courses of soup, salad meat etc and it is all cooked in front of you, by a chef that also entertains. He was fantastic, an artist with food. As you can see!

I had a fantastic evening, met new aussie friends. One particularly loud lady but entertaining.I was actually sociable, drank loads. Went in a buggy back to a bar, was brought more champagne. Got back to the room present and card from the staff of Meeru.

What a brilliant day, I couldn’t have asked for it to be more perfect. Thanks OH for knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I love you very much!!


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