I can hear again!…. Day 6

I didn’t think it would happen because i thought the little card you put on the door handle would blow away, but right on time my breakfast arrived. There was loads. Anyway more importantly today it was time to visit the doctors and get this ear sorted out. Being a relaxed culture when it says it is going to open at nine they really mean somewhere around twenty passed. But I didn’t care I just wanted to hear again. He gave it lots of goes with the hot water and syringe but as if being born again I could hear him. Lovely. Spent some time in the sun, had lunch then a look around the shop. I did try on the most beautiful diamond ring. It started at 800 then he magically brought it down to 600, but that is still a lot of a ring, so it stayed in the shop. Even though I could have given it a good home.

In the afternoon another treatment, hot stone massage. This was my least favourite I think, don’t get me wrong it is still good but I didn’t find it as relaxing as the previous days, a bit like getting kneaded like a piece of pastry.

More sunbathing to recover, but not to long, then a jump in the jacuzzi in the garden before another downpour of torrential rain, so we relaxed in the room before cocktails and the meal.



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