It’s all go….. Day 5

When i woke it felt like i was under water, both ears were blocked this time, great. I was in a bit of a flap, because I had missed breakfast again so no cuppa, no toast and no hearing. But after I had put it into prospective, we went to the bar ordered a cuppa and a sandwich, I felt much more human, even though I still can’t hear. The weather was completely different, hot and sunny. So that gave me chance to have a bit of beach time. And to cheer me up even more I booked two more spa treatments, so that makes one a day, well it’s only polite whilst I’m here don’t you think.

After lunch went for my treatment of the day, it was so relaxing I fell asleep. She started with a foot scrub then massaged body butter all over for a deep moisturiser. After the treatment went for another sit down, it’s all go isn’t it. The day finishing as always with cocktails and food.


This is the spa where I spent so much time, the front bit being the reception and the huts at the back the treatment rooms. The parts of the floor are made of glass so you can see the fish while you are being massaged!



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